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Self-distribution case study - ScaredSacred

When documentary ScaredSacared failed to find a theatrical distributor, producer Cari Green and director Velcrow Ripper took it on the road themselves.

Rethinking Film Distribution

Distribution consultant Peter Broderick says filmmakers should consider new strategies for distributing their films to avoid future disappointment.This is the last in a series of articles that came out of the Vancouver International Film Festival Trade Forum that ended last month.

Filmmaker Squares Off Against Wal-Mart

The PR guns are blazing in anticipation of Outfoxed filmmaker Robert Greenwald's new feature about world's biggest retailer.

Theatrical Documentary Distribution: Jeff Sackman, THINKFilm, and Bill Banning, Roxie Releasing

North American indie film distributors Jeff Sackman of THINKFilm and Bill Banning of Roxie Releasing say that the theatrical documentary is a slippery fish.

Vancouver Fest Launches New Film Centre

Purpose-built cinema centre marks dawn of new era for Vancouver International Film Festival.

Putting Bums On Seats

A grassroots Canadian non-profit is trying to boost home-grown films at the box office from the ground up.

Video Blog Salam Pax - the Baghdad Blogger

Salam Pax had no filmmaking experience when he started his video blogs from Iraq. It didn't matter.

Michael Moore fires up Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is devastating in its attack on the Bush administration and cries out for a response from the American people on 2nd November.

Blackstar Today, SendIt Tomorrow

Blackstar changes name to SendIt

Promoting Your Film Online

Do publicists underestimate the usefulness of the internet in selling a film?